The Marketing Confidence Monitor – a leading quarterly business index from CIM and Bloomberg – was first launched in autumn 2012, and since then it has explored the attitudes, sentiment and outlook of more than 1,000 UK marketers each quarter.

The confidence index has two roles to play. Firstly, it asks a fixed set of core ‘tracker’ questions, used to monitor changes and trends in confidence over time – this makes up approximately 50% of the survey. The remaining 50% of the survey changes from quarter to quarter, exploring contemporary issues as they arise or taking deeper dives into prior results.

This quarter, we address how the role of marketing – its mandate from the business and the tools at its disposal – has changed dramatically over recent years. We look at the specific impact this has had on how marketers balance specialist expertise with generalist skills, against the backdrop of broader commercial and business understanding, and what this means for teams and organisations.

This survey should take you approximately seven minutes to complete and all participants will receive a complimentary copy of the findings report before its made publicly available, in late February 2014.

The survey is also 100% confidential: none of your personal responses or comments will be attributed to you – any information published from this survey will be fully aggregated and anonymous. Thank you in advance for your time and contribution.

Visit: for more information around the #marketingconfidence monitor.

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