Understanding tech stacks; modernise your guest experience without splashing out

For years, hotel systems were dominated by a few big players that were expensive, inflexible, and quickly outdated. The last five years have seen an explosion of new players in every part of the hotel technology stack. No longer is the hotelier betrothed to locked-down platforms with limited expansion capabilities. Hotel operators can now kit-build their entire system from a multitude of cloud-based providers. Building solutions on disparate systems can create a spaghetti bowl of complexity that could cost twice as much to bring it together.

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Event details:

Join Martin Jordan and Carole Logan from Equator to discover the opportunities to modernise your guest experience in 2021 without tangling yourselves in cost and complication. In this session we will cover:

  • Where the challenges lie
  • Understand how to scale without adding unnecessary cost
  • Make smarter buying decisions
  • Deliver a big-brand guest experience on a small budget

Martin Jordan

Martin is Innovation & Insight Director at Equator, one of the largest independent agencies in the UK. Since 2007, Martin has served at the helm of multiple growing functions within Equator, building out a diverse and talented Marketing team and, more recently building and developing a cutting-edge Innovation function as well as a hard-nosed and smart Insight team.

Carole Logan

Carole is a Principal Engineer at Equator. She has an interest in the “people” side of tech, ensuring the industry is as empathetic & inclusive as it needs to be. Carole is a C# developer with 10 years industry experience, building client solutions across many sectors including hospitality, finance and public sector. She is Microsoft MVP in developer technologies category and an Umbraco 4x MVP.

Date: Thursday 13th May, 11.30am