Profitroom is an award-winning, cloud-based technology SaaS provider, which delivers a range of tech and marketing solutions.

Profitroom is partner to more than 3,500 leisure hotels and resorts across the world.

Headquartered in Poland, and with further offices in the UK, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia, Profitroom’s core offering is centred on maximising hoteliers’ profits by delivering innovative technologies, accompanied by intelligent solutions and services, as it looks to streamline sales processes, drive direct bookings and increase revenues to a client portfolio that includes some of the most high-profile brands in hospitality.

Using an integrated portfolio of conversion-led solutions that includes its Booking Engine 360 with built-in CRM, a Channel Manager and results-driven digital marketing expertise, Profitroom combines these elements to formulate a strategic approach to maximise the chances of success.

With more than 12 years of experience of creating truly innovative hospitality technological products and solutions, Profitroom is a market leader in its field, and is able to call upon extensive industry expertise to deliver results that make a real difference to hotels

Contact Samantha Williams, Profitroom’s UK Market Owner, via [email protected] or by calling 07900 002080