We ask the committee: Has working remotely from your team changed you as a leader?

As part of our ‘We ask the committee’ series, we asked three of them who have worked from home throughout the lockdown if they felt it had changed them as a leader.

Steve Lowy, CEO Anglo Educational Services
I feel that I have adapted to allow my style of management to work online rather than in person.  A challenge for a people person like myself. I have also struck up different relationships with some team members and strengthened others by working together to get us through this all, both in terms of business but also of everyone’s physical and mental health.

Petra Clayton, HMA Chair and Founder Custard Communications
I’ve been humbled by the determination of the team.  I feel so driven to succeed for our team and for our clients. I also recognised very quickly that I couldn’t do it all so I’m definitely going to be a strong leader but with looser reigns.


Claire Bell, Global Digital Manager, Dorchester Collection
This time has made me reflect on the importance of working collaboratively as a team, and the passion and dedication that is vital from the bottom up. As a leader it’s going to be important to really harness the ideas and learnings from this unusual time, and continue to ensure that everyone has a platform to share their ideas, as no idea will be a bad idea in this strange ‘new normal’.


Authored by Andrea McKay for the Hotel Marketing Association