A big thank you to Tom Chesshyre, The Times travel writer, who gave these great tips at our meeting the other evening about how PR practitioners can engage more effectively with journalists on Twitter


  1. If you receive a nice write-up in one of the weekend papers tweet the story on a Monday morning with a link and picture
  2. Quote the journalist in your tweets. They love the attention
  3. Always copy in the Tourist Board, if it is relevant to the story as they are likely to retweet your tweet
  4. Do not be afraid to follow lots of people. The idea that you cannot follow more people than you have followers is a myth. It is all about creating a community where you scratch each other’s backs
  5. Do not send an invitation to a journalist to join a press trip if they are not following you, as they have no way of replying via direct message and they will not want everyone to read the reply
  6. Do not invite me on a group press trip as we do not go on them
  7. Keep press releases succinct – thinking in 140 characters is a very good discipline and good pictures are always useful
  8. When pitching a story or a trip, also suggest a writer, if pitching to The Times, suggest a staff writer and an angle
  9. Don’t phone up
  10. Don’t forget that Twitter is meant to be fun

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