Read the results of our Great PR Debate pre-event survey, announced last evening here and a big thank you to everyone who participated.


Do you believe that social media has enhanced PR operations?

Agree 98%


Disagree 2%



In your opinion do social media and traditional media:

Conflict with each other? 0%


Complement each other? 100%



Has your use of press releases changed over the past year?

Increased 4%


Decreased 51%


Unchanged 45%



Has your use of social media changed over the past year?

Increased 98%


Decreased 0%


Unchanged 2%



Do you use social media to Engage with journalists?

YES 86%


NO 14%



Do you use social media to Engage with clients?

YES 81%


NO 19%



Do you use social media to Promote news?

YES 98%


NO 2%



Do you use social media to Monitor news?

YES 93%


NO 7%



Has social media helped to forge closer relationships with journalists?

YES 72%


NO 28%



Do you ‘follow’ journalists on social media?

YES 88%


NO 12%



A recent survey of marketing directors showed that 75% believed social media should not be handled by public relations. Do you:

Agree 9%


Disagree 79%



Do you believe that the traditional PR agency model (account director, manager, executive) of servicing clients is dead?

YES 27%


NO 73%



Will the PR function ultimately be absorbed in to digital marketing operations within companies?

YES 25%


NO 75%


The Hotel Marketing Association would like to congratulate Raquel Fonseca of Quatro PR, pictured above right with Linda Moore, Chairman Hotel Marketing Association and Henry Hemming, Managing Director TravMedia UK  for winning a bottle of champagne in the Great PR Debate event survey draw. Well done Raquel as we understand it’s the first prize you have ever won!

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