Gregory Roekens  of AMV BBDO, the world’s largest advertising agency, gave a fascinating take on how machines are developing human characteristics at the HMA’s Digital Trends 2014 meeting.

Smart phones, as Gregory pointed out, although I had never really thought about it before, can already sense, through touch screens, hear through microphones and see through cameras – an ability which he called Artificial Intelligence. Gregory says that so much of what the human brain can do is predicting what is going to happen. I, for example, am just at this moment, predicting when I am going to have my next cup of tea. And this is simply what machines are being developed to do for us, to predict how we are going to react to things around us. Tea, yes please!

Gregory took the opportunity to  show off a brilliant new invention which is going to get us talking soon. The Oculus Rift is a next generation virtual reality headset for immersive gaming. Now I kind of get the impression that Gregory is well into his gaming. As he said at the meeting Xbox Live and Playstation are responsible for more interactions with customers than any other medium so he is already well immersed in this world.I took the opportunity to try out the Oculus with Gregory’s help (pictured) after the meeting. The sensation is truly amazing with the wearer literally right in the centre of a 3D world of colour, games thrills and spills. Only disappointing part was it was unable to predict the winning numbers for this week’s lottery.

Still .. maybe one day?

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