Richard Branson is planning to build the first, as you would expect, Virgin branded hotel on the moon. It makes sense as his Virgin Galactic  flights are soon to take off into space and with 600 future astronauts happy to part with $250k for the experience of a lifetime they are going to need a place to stay aren’t they?!

Just imagine checking-in at the first hotel on the moon with the moon buggy (one previous careful owner) on hand to transport your luggage to your space age hotel room. Would Mr Spock be behind the desk to greet you at check-in? Will you need a special intergalactic passport as identification?

The food might be bland as chopping and sautéing in space will be a bit of a challenge but I guess eating it could give a completely new take on dining al fresco. What about the other perks? Would you be able to do weightless training in the gym and how about ordering a monster cheese plate on room service? Well they should have a good supply on tap.

In an interview this month Branson said he hoped guests would be able to go off in a two man-capsule that could explore the moon’s little mountains and valleys. Personally I would prefer a surreptitious swim in the Sea of Tranquillity.

It is easy to fantasise about the first Virgin Hotel in space but if Richard Branson has set his mind to do it then it is likely his dream will become a reality one day. There is just one question that I would like answered.

Have they thought about what the star rating is going to be?

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