In our latest Branding Notes, we asked Edinburgh-based creative agency Teviot more about their approach to delivering Carlson Rezidor their exciting new brand, Radisson Red. Agency Development Director Steve Christie takes it up from here.  



Carlson Rezidor had a new concept in mind for the hotel industry, a brand that was going to grab the sector by the scruff of the neck, spray its hair red and scream that tattoos are always cool!


The newest addition to their portfolio, Radisson Red, is heavily influenced by the music, fashion and art scenes and is aimed at a customer base with a free thinking, tech-savvy mind-set rather than a traditional ol’ marketing demographic.

At their heart they’re comfortable, accessible, ultra-stylish hotels but Carlson Rezidor want staying at a RED hotel to be an experience, something more akin to an art gallery social media rock gig!

Taking that thinking as our lead, we directed every aspect of the development of the brand from strategic workshops that defined the audience as the ‘Ageless Millennial’, which in turn informed the direction of a visual brand that can rather proudly be described as ‘in your face’.

The first challenge… How do you market a hotel brand that didn’t actually have any hotels yet? (the first is due to open 18th April, 2016) RED is a visual, tech-driven brand, so social media and blogging were the only places to be for the majority of the pre-launch marketing. We created highly targeted social content and interest pieces that played to the audience demographic and deployed them across a variety of platforms. The resulting engagement and awareness figures were pretty huge, even by our expectations and will only continue to grow as more hotels are added. RED is already, by any measure, the most socially engaged brand of the whole Carlson Rezidor portfolio.

red-website         red-advert

We weren’t only talking to guests though. A massive part of the RED experience are the employees, not only recruiting the right ones but making sure they’re 100% engaged with the brand and they understand how much of a part they play in the RED story.

So how do you find the right people? By talking to the right ones, in the right way, in the right places. We ran a bunch of short, sharp, quirky films across Instagram and Facebook to advertise employee castings. RED wanted to unearth the unique, the misfits, the unconventional and sometimes the just plain weird. It certainly worked!

So, you ageless rockers, throw your half finished beers over the snogging couple in front and put your phones in the air for Radisson Red.

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