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Membership of the HMA has changed! 

The Hotel Marketing Association is managed by HOSPA, meaning that hotel and hospitality marketers can enjoy hospitality marketing content, events and networking through membership of HOSPA. 

You can join HOSPA from this page - just read below and click on the link provided which will take you through to the relevant page on the HOSPA site to complete your membesrhip application.

Why Join?

There are many good reasons to join - not least to network with likeminded professionals and share ideas, challenges, opportunities and successes.

We organise a calendar of events reflecting relevant issues and featuring senior representatives from the industry. These events may be a seminar, a debate, a lecture or even a full day conference. By joining, the price to attend events is discounted and you will automatically be added to our emailing database to receive details plus a copy of our newsletter. We work closely with other professional bodies in the industry and as a member you will be kept informed of their activities, if they are relevant, and often be offered preferential rates to attend these events as well.

And now that the HMA is under HOSPA management, you can also benefit from access to Finance, Revenue Management and IT community events and scheduled activity.

The HMA organises the annual Hotel Marketing Awards, which are considered the benchmark for marketing in the industry. The winners are announced at our annual celebration event.

Here are some more reasons to join:

  • Promote good marketing practice in the hotel industry
  • Assist with marketing education in the hotel industry
  • Foster closer co-operation between the industry and the academic community, where the industry's future lies
  • Provide a greater understanding of the role of marketing in the hotel industry
  • Provide networking opportunities with other marketing professionals in the industry

Who Can Join?

Although most of our members are hospitality sector sales, marketing and revenue management practitioners, a growing number work in operations, are general managers, independent hotel proprietors, Food & Beverage Managers or Spa or Leisure Club Managers. Anyone who is interested in, or wants to learn more about marketing in the hospitality industry and how they can be involved in its development, is welcome to join.

How Do I Join?

HOSPA Membership can be obtained via the HMA

Membership Benefits:


Membership Options:

ORDINARY (LITE) offering all the above benefits with electronic editions of The Overview only : £125 plus VAT 

ORDINARY (FULL) offering all the above benefits, including monthly mailed printed editions of The Overview:  £150 plus VAT

Please note, it is not possible for anyone to "carry over"their former membership of the HMA via the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). For any CIM membership enquiries please contact them directly.




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